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Of reptiles and organizing photos

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Since I seem to be posting a lot of animal pictures recently, I would like to add this to the series. I have no idea whatsoever what it is beyond that it's a reptile and it's green. Just like the picture of the turtles, I took this picture when I was in Berlin.
It was kind enough to approach the side of the glass enclosure and pose for the camera. This reminds me of another lizard photo I have somewhere. I will try to search for it and post it here. One of my biggest problems is how to effectively catalogue pictures for quick retrieval (both prints and digital photos). It has been an ongoing project for as long as I can remember. In the meantime my photo collection gets bigger and bigger. Organizing digital photos is easier compared to managing prints and negatives. Using APS helped a bit with their handy negative canister organizer and contact prints but 35mm is a bit difficult. Right now they are stashed in shoeboxes in no particular order and I may have to go through them all in order to search for this one picture of a lizard I took several years ago *sigh*. I once tried to convert them all to digital but using a flat bed scanner for this number of photos is just crazy. Having an autofeed picture scanner would be nice. My next camera will definitely be a digital SLR! Hey Santa! You listening?... :/

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