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Turt the Turtle and the great flood

I woke up the other day and found my room flooded! I have 2 pet turtles (Turt and Jr.) and I keep them in a large plastic tub with an external activated carbon/anthracite filter. Sometime in the middle of the night, the filter got clogged up and began leaking into a small pail I strategically place beneath the filter for just this situation. When I woke up the pail was full of water, but so was the rest of my flat. The submersible pump was on the bottom of the tub and it managed to suck out most of the water. The turtles were scurrying about, trying to catch the panic stricken guppies in the shallow water.

I quickly surveyed the damage and found my carpet and huge floor pillow (in the shape of a burger bun) soaked with greenish water from the turtle pond (eewww!). Fortunately the sun was out so I took the carpet and pillow outside so I could wash and dry them in the sun.

All of that had to wait however since I was already running late in going to the office. I replenished a pail of water in the tub (I could almost imagine hearing the guppies breath a sigh of relief). Then I was off to a meeting for the rest of the morning.

I came back during lunchbreak, and after a few pails of greenish water sqeezed off from the mop and about a half can of disinfectant spray later, my room was almost back to normal although a bit damp and smelling like fresh laundry (it says so on the can but I have to admit my laundry doesn't smell anything like that).

The only problem left is to make sure the carpet and pillow dry properly or else they might stink.

On a positive note, I finally got to use my super absorbent wonder mop. It's one of those things you see in infomercials that claim to be 300% more absorbent than your ordinary mop. When I saw it on sale in a hardware store, I couldn't resist buying it. I've actually had it for about 2 years already but I didn't want to get it all dirty on just any spill. So I thought, "Finally! A spill worthy of my mop!"


The turtles are Red Eared Sliders. A female measuring about 9 inches named "Turt" and a male measuring about 4 inches named "Turt Jr." Yeah I know. They have rather unimaginative names. But hey, you don't exactly call your pet turtle to come to you so I guess any name would suffice.

The picture above was taken with a Canon EOS Rebel 2000. I used a close-up filter since I have yet to buy a decent macro lens. The keychain was placed on top of a sponge with a strong flashlight beneath creating an orange glow in the shadows. The light overhead comes from the screen of a computer monitor.

Pictures of my pet turtles.

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