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Pancit Molo
Pancit Molo
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At long last, I am very pleased to announce the launching of my recipe vault (see right side panel for the link). It's actually an entirely new blog with its own URL but I would like to think of it as an extension of this main blog. I'm very excited about it and I had been busy the past few days setting it up. I have started off with 2 recipes and I would add to this gradually in the coming months. It won't be updated as frequently as this main blog but I will try my best to add recipes to it from time to time. The idea for this recipe vault is to feature our traditional family recipes. These are the food we usually prepare during family gatherings and special occasions. Sadly such gatherings are becoming very rare since the family are now scattered all over (my brother is also expected to go out of the country very soon). Hopefully we will still continue to enjoy these recipes wherever we are in the world. There's so many recipes I want to post including the sugar drop cookies my mother always bake at Christmas time when we were young (to eat and to give out as presents to our friends and teachers - haha no it's not a bribe!), the ever popular orange cake that my father still bakes whenever he feels like it (which is quite often), or even our extra thin home-made pizza crusts (we haven't made these for a long time), and a whole lot more. I started the vault with 2 very yummy recipes: Pancit Molo and Pot Roast. This is a chance for adventurous friends and visitors of this site to try out the recipes for themselves. Hope they enjoy trying those out.

I remember one time my niece asking for my mother's (or is it my father's recipe now?) orange butter cake. It's a cake that my mother baked on birthdays and special occasions all these years but lately my father is the one doing the baking. My mother eventually e-mailed the recipe to her. This is what made me think about this recipe vault. My niece is also very fond of baking and have started from baking ready made cookie dough to easy brownie mixes (just add egg and butter!) and then to banana cake and orange cake. She would be my assistant (also my nephew of course) whenever I baked and I would scold her when she tries to lick the pans and wooden spoon hehe. It reminds me when I was helping out my mother when I was young (also trying to lick the orange cake batter off the bowl -- oh and the drop sugar cookie dough is also yummy). I miss those times with my mother and my niece. I hardly bake these days anymore (the closest I could think of is making waffle cheese/hotdog). There was a time when I bake bread. The kneading and rising and kneading some more is time consuming but I found it relaxing and stress relieving.

Eventually I will set it up in such a way that the newest entries will also appear on the side of this main blog under a heading that says something like "what's cooking?". I will try to do that as soon as I figure out how to do it. I seem to remember an article on the Blogger knowledge base about that.

A big thanks for my brother who helped me edit the recipes.

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Went to the Pink Bunny blog and wanted to say HI to Bubbles and tell her I liked the Pink Panther music. However, her blog doesn't allow anonymous posts so pa-relay nalang ha?

When are you posting your orange butter cake recipe?