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Wild Penguin

Swimming Penguin
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A friend of mine was asking for more "wild animals" posts. I do not exactly understand what he meant by "wild animals" so I just searched my photo archive and this is the best I could come up with. The penguin was not photographed in the wild (this particular shot was taken from the Singapore Zoo I think) nor is it particularly vicious. He was however flapping wildly about in the pond when I got this picture so you can say that he's somewhat "wild" in that respect. Sorry this is as wild as it gets. I seem to remember having some pictures of panthers and tigers but I can't find them. Hmm... I'll post those pics when I see them.

Penguins are a bit troublesome to photograph. Not only would they not stay still, most of the time they are underwater so that you can't get a decent composition. If you want something easier, try taking a picture of a cookabura. Now that's a bird that's easy to photgraph :)

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