Saturday, June 04, 2005

Poolside Dinner Party

I did not participate in the activities on the second day (it was a videoke challenge - yikes!) so I just stayed in my room and played WoW the whole night. But on the last day, it was free food and that changes everything hehe. I purposely arrived what I initially thought of as a little bit late (so I could start with the eating and skip most of the pre-dinner program nonsense) but as it turned out I was still early. I really couldn't figure out this being fashionably late thing at parties hehe. I ended up helping the organizers string flowers for leis and man the entrance booth and distribute meal stubs. The venue for the dinner party was outdoors at the poolside and they constructed a stage across the center of the pool. A colleague was busy placing floating candles and flowers in the water. I feel sorry for the pool boy. He's the one who will clean up that junk afterwards.

The whole event wasn't so bad. The food was mainly grilled stuff (fish, chicken, pork) and assorted fruits. I think that they served far too few food for the number of attendees but hey that's just my opinion. I just love fresh coconut juice. OK I'll admit that some of the programs were nice. The kids from the residential compound had this dance number and it was entertaining hehe. I left around the time when the food was starting to run out (all they had left were boiled corn) and a little girl was doing a solo ukulele performance much to the delight of... err... her parents I suppose (I suspect that the rest of the audience weren't too thrilled).

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