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Morbid thoughts

When we reported for work last Monday morning, employees at the 2nd floor noticed a foul smell emanating from the office pantry. They initially dismissed it as "stale" air since the central air-conditioning system conked out the entire week before and it was scheduled to be commissioned after it has been repaired over the weekend. Instead of dissipating however, the odor became more intolerable. The person who went up to investigate could not stand the stench and he was vomiting violently when he came back out. The smell was like that of a rotting carcass. Something is dead and decaying in the air ducts! Then I remembered that one of my colleagues was supposed to have a week long vacation starting that day. The last time we saw him was last Friday. How sure are we that he *really* went to vacation. What if he was murdered and chopped up to itty-bitty pieces and dumped into the exhaust ducts. Well, it turns out that the odor was coming from a dead bird that got sucked in by the ventilation system. It was located too high to be removed easily so the building administration opted for a temporary solution for the mean time. They sealed out the affected ducts totally isolating it from the other exhausts. They just used sheets of plastic and duct tape. I'm glad that's all sorted out now.

BUT what if the bird died from a highly contagious form of avian flu that can infect humans. What if it's in the air we are breathing right now. What if...

I think I'm watching too much CSI.

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