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Dead fish in the tank and an old journal

There's a dead fish floating around in my fishtank and I'm too lazy to scoop it out. It died a few days ago and it is starting to decompose. I thought about picking it up with chopsticks but I was afraid that at the present state it's in it will just disintegrate. Hmm, I wonder what the other fishes are thinking.

I found something interesting last weekend while I was cleaning around the house. It's a bunch of old computer paper printouts of some stuff I wrote 8 to 9 years ago! I used to keep an electronic journal of sorts writing down all sorts of things from how my day went to some short stories I attempted to do but never finished (too bad there was no blogger site back then). The following are just excerpts. I recognize my old style of writing particularly the overuse of the ellipsis

Ahh.. a graduate at last! No more classes, no more books, no more teachers... dirty looks!... well... almost. I still have to take the board exam this October. I should spend my time studying for it but bumming around is a temptation that is just too hard to resist. It started well enough in the beginning, a new graduate from college eager to finish the board exam and to finally jump into the exciting world of work and employment. I attended review classes 3 times a week and even go to the library twice a week. Then I began to skip classes (to a certain degree this is justifiable since floods often occur in the area after a downpour). Then I stopped going there during Fridays since I reasoned out that most of the students in the area goes home for the weekend hence the heavy traffic jam every Friday afternoon. The absences became more frequent mostly due to some dubious excuse or another. Eventually I hardly attended anymore, and I simply justified my action by reasoning that the lessons discussed in class would be in the handouts anyway so why bother going there at all? Besides, the exam was 4 months away, why worry? I have more than enough time to catch up later in my review. Now, I keep saying the same statement I told myself back then, but this time the 4 months is replaced by 2. Am I worried? Heck no! Although I know very well that I should be.


Here I am playing with my computer at 3:00 in the morning when I'm supposed to be sleeping... The problem however is that I am not all sleepy and it has been this way for the past week now. Everyday I would sleep around 4 to 5 in the morning and eventually wake up at 11:00. That would just be fine if I spend the time studying for my upcoming board exam but instead I spend it watching TV or just using my computer. It doesn't matter what's on the set, I even find myself watching those home TV shopping shows.

Ah, those were the good times. I miss bumming around. As you can see I was extremely lazy back then. :)

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