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Something is wrong with the power outlets in the apartment near my place of work. I don't know what could have happened. I just came back from the weekend and the first thing I noticed is that the spot light for the turtle tub is not working. All the lights are working fine but all except 2 power outlets are working. One is powering up the refrigerator (thank goodness for that) and the other near the kitchen powering the exhaust hood. I managed to get my computer working by using a long extension cable from the kitchen to my computer's UPS.

I shouldn't worry about repairs since this is a company provided housing and I can call the maintenance department whenever I want. The trouble is, I can't call them with my room looking like this! I think I need to tidy up a bit before I call them. The room looks filthy.

The main victim of this incident are the turtles of course. the filters are down, the aerator is not functioning, the guppies are swimming near the surface gasping for breath and the turtles doesn't look too happy either. The turtles probably miss their basking light. Those turtles sure like to bask under the full spectrum lamp, even spreading their feet to catch more rays. Oh well, I probably should take them out to get some sunlight. I just hope the cats outside will leave them alone.

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