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I was feeling a bit "slow" in the office today. I was feeling a bit sleepy and was halfheartedly trying to finish some reports I needed to submit to my boss. I went to the restroom to "take a leak" and noticed that the right most urinal out of 3 was out of service. I took the middle one and happily did my thing. Then our Human Resources manager walks in and occupied the urinal next to me and suddenly blurted out "What's new with you?". I don't know about other guys out there but for me I really don't like people talking to me while I'm peeing especially "small talk". I stammered a reply "Wha-what's new with me? What do you mean? Should there be something new with me? If there is, nobody told me about it. Do you know anything new about me?".

He just chuckled and said that it was not a "loaded" question and just left. I'm being too paranoid. And to think I haven't even taken coffee the whole day.

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