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Mouse and Cow

Mouse and Cow
Originally uploaded by Jepster.
A nice picture of 2 keychains I got in KL. Just the perfect subject matter to test out my new camera's macro functionality. My brother sent me a Panasonic D-Snap AS30 multifunction SD device. It's a 3 megapixel camera, an MPEG4 movie recorder, a digital sound recorder and a digital digital music player capable of playing MP3, AAC and WMA all in one compact and slim device. I have been playing with it the whole week and I am very satisfied with it. I do have some complaints but nothing major. All in one devices such as these usually have their compromises and I think this is one of the better devices out there.

Expect more photos (and a more in depth review) as I test this device (camera funmction) under different conditions.

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