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Saving up for Christmas

Piglets and smiley
Originally uploaded by Jepster.
I was in Toy Kingdom during the weekend and I spotted these nice piglet coin banks. They looked so cute that I impulsively decided to buy a pair. Here they are on top of the television set with my smiley stress ball.

The stress ball was a gift from last Christmas. As you can see it still looks quite new. It must be a sign that I am relatively stress free. Haha. I remember my nephew’s stress ball looking all battered and worn out. I also seem to recall a few bite marks as well… Oh wait! That wasn’t the stress ball. I was thinking about the fake… Oh never mind. *snicker*

I hope I can fill them up in time for the holidays :D

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Bubbles said...

Hahaha! Yes I still recall that bitten fake "squishy" thing(ahem). Lol...
Those piggies are so cute! I WANT THE YELLOW ONE!!!!!!!!! Can you reserve it for me? :)
Oh and know what? Stress balls actually make me more stressed sometimes because I can't flatten it out all the way hehe.