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Turtle Tales

Originally uploaded by Jepster.
2 new turtles have been added to my turtle family. My colleague asked me to take care of his 2 baby turtles. He and another colleague are taking care of the turtles and several rabbits. Rabbits being what they are however, soon they found themselves with too much rabbits on their hands and no time to take care of the turtles. I gladly accepted the 2 turtles since I have enough space on my turtle tub. I named the 2 turtles “Kiko” and “Pong”. I still can't distinguish between the two however. They do have different shell patterns but they are still too small to make out with just a glance.

Cleaning out the turtle tub indoors could be quite a chore so I decided to install another tub outside at the patio. This way, I can just get the garden hose for a quick water change. I was a bit worried at first since it would seem that all the neighborhood cats soon came over and stared at the tub from a distance. They soon lost interest when I sprayed them with the garden hose however.

I tried releasing Turt on the lawn so that she could properly sun herself. She went straight on to the base of a tree and began digging with her hind legs. I think she might be preparing a nest to lay eggs. Unfortunately, I had to move her since I saw some aggressive looking ants near the tree. I'll repeat this activity some other time when I have located a more suitable ant free place for Turt to wander around.

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