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Bowling Blues

I think the only reason why I signed for the company's bowling tournament is to have the nice maroon bowling uniform they provided for the team members. I am not a good bowler. Sure I have taken up bowling in physical ed when I was at the university but I barely passed. Now I'm stuck with it twie a week untill the end of the month. The first game was last Thursday. I got a measley 60 on the first game and it deteriorated further to 52 on the 2nd set. I don't think I had that much excercise in months! My thighs were sore and I couldn't go down a flight of stairs without holding hard on the railings for fear that my legs would just give way and just fold on their own accord.

I felt much better on the second match yesterday and I don't feel as tired and sore. I got a score of 77 and 65 this time. Big improvement huh? What I don't understand however is why is it that when it's only practice I get 96 but I don't get that during the tournament itself. Must be the pressure. Heh.

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