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Happy Easter!

I spent the entire long Holyweek weekend cooped up in my new apartment. It was so hot during the day that I did most of my activities at night when it was cool and spent most of the day sleeping and napping and snoozing some more. I still haven't installed the airconditioning unit in my apartment and as the days passed by I increasingly wished I had. I also didn't have cable yet so I had very limited viewing choices apart from the usual lenten specials and televised holy mass. Oh, it wasn't so bad like when I was younger when all free TV stations would sign off the whole of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday but at night the stations would sign off a little earlier than usual and I would watch shows from my computer (I stocked on movies and shows to watch in preparation for this occasion). I watched a marathon showing of the entire Battlestar Galactica first season series, Stargate: SG1 (which sucked by the way), and Stargate Atlantis as well as a couple of full length anime movies (Steamboy and Howl's Moving Castle). I tried playing some Prince of Persia: The two thrones on my PlayStation2 but I got stuck somewhere on the game (right after you defeat that giant with his tongue sticking out). I also baked a nice reduced sugar blueberry cheesecake in the middle of the night. It was quite good. Took me the whole week to finish that one off.

Well if lent meant fasting and doing without the conveniences in life then surely having to live without airconditioning, cable television, internet and eating blueberry cheesecake with reduced sugar is in fact some form of fasting, right?

Err... If my mom is reading this, I was only kidding of course. I assure you I watched one of those mass shows on TV and have in fact been a very good boy. I brushed my teeth and washed behind my ears and all that! Honest.

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s said...

BTW, someone just put up a Filipino Battlestar Galactica fan group. Forgot the group name but it's an acronym I think. They're holding a thon soon. Search for it on Yahoogroups if interested.