Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Making the most out of family and friends

Our company just launched an exciting program designed to attract mature talents into its workforce. They plan to do this by offering rewards to employees with successful referrals from our friends and family (yep including family). The reason why its so exciting is that the company will give us lots of freebies and wads of cash in exchange for these talents. There are certain conditions however before you can get that reward. The applicant should stick to the company for a number of months and the employee should still be employed with the company at the end of that period. The offer is limited only to technical positions in the company (engineers, geologists, chemists etc.) and not other positions such as Human Resources, Marketing, Accountants and IT. Apparently IT professionals and Marketing staff are a dime a dozen these days.

Clever huh? The HR department found out a way to make the employees do their job for them and the employees are all buzzing with excitement. Of course the promise of wads of cash helps things a bit (OK not only a bit).

I now have a new way of looking at family and friends -- as potential wads of cash. Hehe. Imagine, I can actually increase my annual gross earnings 3 times if I can recruit at least 1 technical person every other month. Maybe I could set up an account in Friendster or in one of those other social networking sites with the phrase "Wanted: Engineer and Scientist buddies for friendship and perhaps more." Of course by "more" I mean as an alternate source of income. :p


รถ said...

did you say "geologists"? ;P

how much of the "wads" are you willing to share? ;P

wetboxers said...

The phrase "Wanted: Engineer and Scientist buddies for friendship and perhaps more" sounds too Brokeback Mountain-esque. Tell Lems to use the same line to James. Lol