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More Poopoo Bread Goodness

Poopoo bread up close
Originally uploaded by Jepster.
Last week's Poopoo Bread was such a hit that I decided to make more. This time with raisins! I also made ones in the traditional bun shapes but I really liked the turd shaped ones the most.

I also made a few Adobo Siopao (steamed bun) that I always wanted to do but didn't had the time. Might as well take advantage of my turd shaped bread making frenzy huh. The steamed buns were great by the way. The pork adobo filling also tasted good! :D

This batch was a lot better than the last one. These were more moist and tasted better. The color is a bit lighter too. I added white sugar in this batch as opposed to the pevious one I made where I used only brown sugar. Oh and the raisins were also a nice addition. Now it looks like a chunky doggy turd with half digested raisins sticking out on the surface hehe. *Yum*

More poopoo bread goodness
A raisin poopoo bread
Adobo Siopao (Steamed buns)

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รถ said...

should go well with not-so-well-shaken and still-bit-chunky avocado shake...