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Poopoo Bread

Poopoo Bread
Originally uploaded by Jepster.
I decided to bake some bread a few weeks ago. I thought it would be cool to make interesting shapes with the dough. Here's my favorite creation. A dog turd shaped bread I call "Poopoo Bread". Doesn't look that appetizing huh? But trust me it tasted great! Hahaha. :D

I always enjoyed baking bread. There's something very relaxing about kneading bread and waiting for the yeast to do its magic for a few hours and punching the dough and kneading it again. And the smell of freshly baked bread is just wonderful. Kneading used to be done manually by hand but now I use my trusty old mixer with dough hook attachments. Making it possible to do it much effort.

Hmm... I think I'll make some steamed buns this weekend. I wonder how a steamed Poopoo bun will look like :)


Kin Enriquez said...

Garnish it with pureed green peas or extra chunky peanut butter to make it more appetizing. :)

ö said...

euw! honestly, do you still find the appetite to eat THAT bread?

ö said...

is that a roll of toilet paper it's sitting on?

JEP said...

err... no. Actually it's a puding case for my blank CD-Rs. A pedestal of sorts. But putting it on top of toilet paper will indeed make a nice picture. Thanks for the tip!