Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The angry mother hen strikes again

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Yes. You guessed it. The same hen went back to my ledge about a month ago and laid 10 eggs this time. What's with my flower box that other flower boxes don't have? Why me!! I dumped some shredded paper on the hen and her eggs and the following day the hen made it into a nest. The eggs hatched last week. I shooed them away since they were destroying my mini garden with all that scratching and pecking. The resident cats doesn't seem to pay them any attention. The chicks were of a different color this time. Most of them were black. Different rooster I suppose. Hmp. That two timing hen better stay clear of my flowerbox or its roasted chicks for dinner tonight.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yahoo 360º is Evil!!!

Am I the only person who thinks there's something wrong with Yahoo 360º? I'm not saying it's a bad concept as a social networking hub. In fact, Yahoo is in a great position to leverage their tools from photo sharing, avatars, blogging, sharing friends lists (social networking), website customization and potentially a lot more in the future. They were able to do this with an instant user base of millions of yahoo messenger users that have signed up for the beta. Not bad considering there are dozens of other sites that offer more or less the same service and have been in this game far longer than Yahoo. But that's not the reason why I do not like the idea. Turning something design for a certain purpose into something else entirely will certainly have repercussions.

There's a lot of things I don't like about 360º in a privacy point of view. I am in fact a 360º member but only because I don't know how to shut it off. I just deleted all my friend list (after discovering to my horror that some of my friends have very strange friends of their own profile-wise in 360). Receiving a note that so-and-so wants to be your 360º contact seems innocuous enough but this sharing of the friends list automatically without warning pissed me off. Sure that's the whole point of 360, being able to share your friends with other friends. I'd like to keep my friends list private thank you very much, just as I don't care who the friends of my friends are. If I wanted social networking I would have gotten a friendster account a long time ago or a MySpace account or from dozen other similar sites. I don't think some people knows just how much information they are sharing just by activating their 360 just judging from the... errr... “interesting” photos posted all over. If in the past people would think that the profile photos they use in Yahoo are viewable only by the people in their friends list, now that isn't the case anymore. It's viewable by anybody that knows the URL of the 360º profile of anybody in his friends list. The reason why I don't think some people know this is the proliferation of err... shall we say “indecent” profile photos all around 360º. I think that they never intended those photos to become viewable in the public space. After all, before 360º, these same photos was only seen by a select few. So what does a member of 360º to do? Well, If you really still want to use the service without any offensive content in your homepage, you can pick your "public" friends carefully with nice clean profiles and tell the rest that "I'm sorry I can't add you to my friends list because you are friends with people with indecent/bordering on the pornographic content". Call me a bit anal and a control freak but I don't want links and content that I have no control over. I'm even campaigning to friends and family members not to sign up. I personally think yahoo 360º is a can of worms that wasn't really properly thought through particularly on the impact on the existing user base. It's a shifting of paradigms from what it was initially designed to what they want it to be. The implication may not be as trivial as some would think.

It's a good thing that I have another yahoo ID where I have all my indecent pics... errr... you do understand I was joking right? Hehehe.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Check out my Brother's new mobile blog

My brother has a new mobile blog at

Go ahead and check it out. It's being provided by Samsung and is free to use for owners of their new phones. Instant blogging whenever an idea pops into you head or snap a picture of something using your phone and be able to just write about it at that very moment is a very different experience than waiting to go home to go online to update your blog. I used to be able to do that but unfortunately my Bluetooth CF card and my PDA aren't talking to each other right now so I couldn't use my phone to upload posts. I think I need a new PDA or a PDA phone. Hmm...

A Platefull of Mushrooms

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I don't know If I have posted this pic here yet. I think I'm getting old. I don't even recall which pics I have blogged about. You see I have a lot of backlog on the writeups for the pics I have uploaded on my flickr account. It's just that I'm so busy with work these days since I'm actually doing the job of 2 people right now (I wish I could have the salary of 2 people but alas that is not the case). I promise I will post those outstanding entries soon.

This is probably one of the first pictures taken by my D-Snap. Unfortunately I couldn't take the credit for this shot. This was taken by my brother before he sent me the camera. I just love mushrooms. *yum* *yum*. Thinking about mixed mushrooms with tofu in oyster sauce makes my mouth water. :)