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The angry mother hen strikes again

Originally uploaded by Jepster.
Yes. You guessed it. The same hen went back to my ledge about a month ago and laid 10 eggs this time. What's with my flower box that other flower boxes don't have? Why me!! I dumped some shredded paper on the hen and her eggs and the following day the hen made it into a nest. The eggs hatched last week. I shooed them away since they were destroying my mini garden with all that scratching and pecking. The resident cats doesn't seem to pay them any attention. The chicks were of a different color this time. Most of them were black. Different rooster I suppose. Hmp. That two timing hen better stay clear of my flowerbox or its roasted chicks for dinner tonight.


Anonymous said...

Henny Penny is a Red Hen
Henny Penny is...shucks, I've forgotten the lines...

Bubbles said...

Hahaha!!! That was a funny entry. Beware of the smart two-timing hen!LOL