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A Platefull of Mushrooms

Originally uploaded by Jepster.
I don't know If I have posted this pic here yet. I think I'm getting old. I don't even recall which pics I have blogged about. You see I have a lot of backlog on the writeups for the pics I have uploaded on my flickr account. It's just that I'm so busy with work these days since I'm actually doing the job of 2 people right now (I wish I could have the salary of 2 people but alas that is not the case). I promise I will post those outstanding entries soon.

This is probably one of the first pictures taken by my D-Snap. Unfortunately I couldn't take the credit for this shot. This was taken by my brother before he sent me the camera. I just love mushrooms. *yum* *yum*. Thinking about mixed mushrooms with tofu in oyster sauce makes my mouth water. :)

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