Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Can anyone please lend me a hand?

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A few weekends ago I went to the mall to watch a movie. The movie ended a bit late already and there were only a few other cars left in the parking lot. As I approached my car I noticed that I accidentally left the parking lights on! I immediately attempted to start the engine but instead of the usual "engine revving" sound, it only made a faint "click" when I turned the key. Aaargh! Good thing there were a couple of off duty security guards passing by and I asked them to help me jump start the car. It has been a while since I jump started any car by pushing (I think the last time somebody did it for me since I couldn't get the timing quite right). A few failed attempts later ("err... can you guys push again, I seem to have forgotten to remove my foot on the clutch') the Good Samaritans were starting to give me murderous looks. Luckily, I got it right finally on my 4th (or was it 6th) attempt.

My previous car emits a beeping sound if you open the door with the headlights or parking lights on. I wonder why not all cars have that feature.

And the moral of the story? Learn the correct way to jump start a car. It might save you someday from being mugged by pissed off do gooders.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The nappy stalker

I had this very strange experience yesterday. I was minding my own business in the grocery perusing some items of interest when I noticed that my basket had a whole pack of disposable diapers. It was the only item inside and I found it strange that I haven't felt anything. I surmised that the item might have fallen off one of the display racks and ended up in my basket. I picked it up and placed it in the current aisle I was at (household cleaners). I know I should have placed it in the appropriate section but I was feeling too lazy and was not about to actually exert the effort and look for the diapers section. I checked out the items, drove back home and started unloading the items. I quickly looked at my mobile phone to see if there were any messages and sure enought, I had 1 message from somebody not in my phone directory. It read: "Hey, I hope you did not forget the diapers." I felt my skin crawl. Waaah! That was soooo creepy!

When I told my friends about it, a lot of theories came out. The funniest was that someone (he or she) was fantasizing about me wearing just those diapers and is now stalking me. Hahaha. Hmm... now I creeped everybody else who might be reading this blog with that mental image. Now I'm not the only one hahaha.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Coffee shots

Deformed Starbucks plastic Cup
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This is what a Starbucks (TM) "Grande" plastic cup would look like if it was left inside a black car the whole day at the height of summer. I have been accumulating these odd shaped plastic cups for a while now. It's a byproduct of my weekly fix of Grande Non-fat Iced Latte with Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup during my long drive on Sunday nights to keep me awake and alert. This one was left on the cup holder for an entire week. I tried using other types of cups but these ones are still the best.

Conversations with a Barista

Me: Hi. One Grande Iced Latte with sugar-free vanilla syrup please.
Barista: Do you want it with non-fat milk?
Me: Uhh... sure, why not.
Barista: How about upgrading it to Venti size?
Me: Umm... no thanks. I wouldn't be able to finish. I have heart palpitations whenever I drink that much coffee.
Barista: Ah. Ok... How about some pastry?
Me: No thanks I'm diabetic. Ahh... can I ask you something?
Barista: Sure.
Me: A Venti sized drink has double the shots of espresso compared to a Grande right?
Barista: Well, no. Both sizes comes with 2 shots of espresso. The Venti sized drink will just have more steamed milk and ice so it is in fact more diluted.
Me: Hmm... must be psychological then.
Barista: What's that sir?
Me: The heart palpitations. So anyway, you mean to tell me that you are asking me to pay more for additional steamed milk and ice?
Barista: Will that be all sir? Can I have your name for the cup?

It's amazing how baristas recall the names of their regular costumers. There must be some trick to it. If there is, I want to know since I'm just terrible with names. Sometimes I forget a person's name right after we are introduced. I go regularly to this one branch once a week every Sunday night and after only after about 3 weeks, this one crew was addressing me by name. I came to this conclusion since the alternative seems very unlikely. The alternative being that this particular crewmember for some reason find me so unbearably attractive that she just couldn't help but remember my name and face. Nobody else. Just me. Ridiculous right? Yeah I thought so too.