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Can anyone please lend me a hand?

Originally uploaded by Jepster.
A few weekends ago I went to the mall to watch a movie. The movie ended a bit late already and there were only a few other cars left in the parking lot. As I approached my car I noticed that I accidentally left the parking lights on! I immediately attempted to start the engine but instead of the usual "engine revving" sound, it only made a faint "click" when I turned the key. Aaargh! Good thing there were a couple of off duty security guards passing by and I asked them to help me jump start the car. It has been a while since I jump started any car by pushing (I think the last time somebody did it for me since I couldn't get the timing quite right). A few failed attempts later ("err... can you guys push again, I seem to have forgotten to remove my foot on the clutch') the Good Samaritans were starting to give me murderous looks. Luckily, I got it right finally on my 4th (or was it 6th) attempt.

My previous car emits a beeping sound if you open the door with the headlights or parking lights on. I wonder why not all cars have that feature.

And the moral of the story? Learn the correct way to jump start a car. It might save you someday from being mugged by pissed off do gooders.

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