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The hierarchy of animals and the natural order of things

Looking up...
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A couple of kittens showed up where I was keeping my turtle tub in the backyard. I gave them a few pieces of Friskies cat food (I mix in some cat foor into my turtle food, the turtles love the variety and I read somewhere that it's ok to do so) and they have taken residence there ever since. They are getting more demanding now and would harass me whenever I feed the turtles. I saw one of them perched on a stool yesterday, looking intently at my poor turtles. I wonder if they know that they are being stalked. The only thing worse than the kittens are the half grown chicks roaming around. They would drive the cats away from the cat bowls and eat the catfood placed there. The cats would hiss and complain but they always give way to the chickens. Yup, the chickens are the top animal in these parts. With rabbits way down on the list. Flighty creatures those rabbits. I think they are afraid of their own shadow. hehe.

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