Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ready for Take-off!

Dragonfly Yellow 1110
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I was passing by the company's parking lot the other day and I noticed that there were dragonflies of the same color perched on dried twigs on the grassy "islands" in between the parking spaces. Each twig had its own dragonfly about a total of 3 in a row. They were just there like they were begging to have their picture taken. When I approached to take this shot, the dragonfly just fluttered a moment and settled in place. To take this shot I had to postion the camera about 2 inches away and it didn't seem to mind.

The strange thing is that when I came back a few days later, I saw another group of dragonflies with a different color (I shot the reddish dragonfly first followed by the yellow). Hopefully when I get back there next week another batch of dragonflies with a different color drops by for a photo shoot. I wonder if dragonflies of the same color flock together. Check out the rest of the dragonfly pictures on my Flickr album.

Ready for take off

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