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The lost kingdom of Erehwon

I was attending a training workshop in the Netherlands a few years ago and I came upon these displays in the lecture hall. One of the frames show the symbol of the kingdom of "Erehwon, an eagle clutching a rattle snake and 2 brown skinned natives with weapons at the ready. Interestingly, doing a little google research will tell you that the Kingdom of Erehwon is actually in a book by Samuel Butler. It was a satire on Victorian society [wikipedia]. It is also sometimes used to refer to a generic and undisclosed location since it is actually "Nowhere" spelled backwards.

What's even more interesting is that in another frame, the national anthem of the "kingdom of nowhere" is shown. Looks familiar? I actually don't know if I'll laugh or be offended by all of this. Hmm...


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Anonymous said...

hmm its kinda racist if you'd ask me