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Pussycat Pals

Originally uploaded by Jepster.
A couple of kittens just suddenly showed up on our doorstep a few days ago and haven't left the area since. We don't even know where they came from. There are a few cats free to roam around outside but we never noticed anybody who's pregnant. The other cats seem to tolerate them though and they don't mind sharing the leftover cat food in the bowls.

I'm not really a cat person myself but one of my neighbors is. She would take all of the neighborhood stray cats under her wing and attach reflectorized collars so they won't get hit by vehicles. These 2 kittens are the latest member of the family and they have this annoying habit of following me around and trying to pounce on my shoelaces. I just hope I don't accidentally step on them one of these days. I always try to be in the good graces of my cat person neighbor. Shhh... don't tell her I sometimes pilfer some cat food to feed my turtles whenever I run out of turtle sticks. Hehe.

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