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Sydney Trip Diaries: Pre travel jitters

Friday night. Hardly slept. I spent a lot of time deciding what stuff
to bring. I wanted to travel as light as possible so I had to reduce
the amount of clothes from a huge pile into a reasonable size that can
fit into a standard sized carry-on luggage. It's currently wintertime
in Australia and I hope I could survive with just a sweater and a
jacket on top of that. The temperature forecast on for
Sydney has lows of up to 5 degrees but the average temperature is 10
to 15 degrees. I ended up with just a small trolley luggage and a
knapsack which will be my hand carry luggage ( a thick book that I
wanted to finish a long time ago but had always just read a few pages
before putting it down again, a sweater and a jacket, a company
provided laptop, a camera, an audio player, an extra shirt in case I
spill coffee on my clothes or something, and my PDA).

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