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Attack of the Tire Stalker

Something very very strange happened to me right before the Christmas holidays last year. It all started one night coming from a pre-Christmas party with work friends that my rear left tire was totally flat. Not wanting to change my tire with a spare in the parking lot, I decided to slowly drive the car a short way to my apartment. I changed the tire, replaced it with my spare and decided to have the flat tire looked at the following day. I requested a colleague to accompany me the next day to the tire vulcanizing place and to my surprise, the tire was in perfect condition. No puncture, no leaks, nothing. Puzzled, I decided to keep that tire as a spare just in case.

The very next day, I decided to do my groceries at the nearby mall and when I came back, my tire was again flat. This is another tire altogether and it was on the other side (rear right tire). And guess what? The repair shop also told me that the tire was in good shape.

I suddenly had this idea that somebody is out there following me around and deflating my tires one at a time. Scary thought. What's more scary is that I even have a couple of suspects whom I thought are capable to do such a thing. I'm becoming too paranoid. Soon everybody will be a suspect.

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