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Meet Thermidore my pet Crayfish

Originally uploaded by Jepster

Hi my name is Thermidor. I'm looking for a crayfish companion for an activity partner, arm wrestling buddy and perhaps more. My hobbies include chasing guppies and mollies and eating them. I am currently single as I just recently ate my ex-crayfish buddy "Buttered". Must be willing to relocate.

Hi Thermidore, my name is Pupas. Nice to meet you. :)
I love your color.. How did you get that tan? Errr... I mean red?

I’m not sure if I’m ready to share my place, I just ate my last set of friends.


adrienne said...

May Pupas Rest in Peace... -.-

JEP said...

Some sad news...

For those who do not know it yet, I am deeply sorry to inform everybody that Pupas passed away soon after this blog post was published. She died while removing her old carapace while molting and was believed to have been smothered in the attempt.

In a totally unrelated event, Thermidore was believed to have escaped his fish tank sometime during the following weekend. When the owner returned on Monday, he was horrified to see a dried up Thermidore just beside the main door.

There are no evidence that the two deaths are related and foul play is ruled out at this time.

maldita said...

time to get a new pet :)