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Giving mother earth a helping hand

Earth Day Bakawan Planting
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In celebration of Earth Day yesterday, some people from work went out to the shoreline nearby to plant mangrove propagules and seedlings.

OK I admit I did not plant a single mangrove that afternoon since I was the self proclaimed official photographer of the activity and I did not want to get mud and seawater on my camera and gear.

I actually had more fun than I thought I would. There is something about walking at the beach (even if it was a muddy beach and my shoes kept getting sucked into the mud) at low-tide and simply observing the various sea critters and plant-life. There were small pools where you can see small fish and crabs scurrying about. Hermit crabs dragging along their barnacle encrusted homes across the mud. Clusters of bi-valves clinging to rocks. Shy fiddler crabs ready to dart inside the safety of their burrows at the slightest sign of threat. I managed to trap a fiddler crab out in the open by closing its burrow. The poor thing just sat there as my evil colleague kept on poking the pitiful crab on the eyes. He said he was fascinated by the way the eyes retracted whenever he poked at them - you know who you are. Shame on you. Torturing that crab and on earth day no less.

Soon all the mangrove propagules and seedlings were planted and we ate our packed snacks. We went back to the office hoping most of them will survive. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon really.

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adrienne said...

yeah! what about the guy who destroyed the home of the poor fiddler..

lets check on them a few weeks from now..