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Fire Tree Escapades (Year 2)

Fire Tree Escapades
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Yeah, it is that time of year again when the fire trees in the golf course beside my workplace is in full bloom. A group of my office friends and I decided to take a stroll on the fairways to take some pictures and just enjoy the nice view.

We saw a lot of interesting stuff. Like those 2 people lying down on one of the greens that looked like they were whispering to each other (one of my friends kept pestering me to take a picture but I refused). Or that young bull that pissed while I was taking a picture of him together with my other friend (I think the bull got too excited). There was also this clearing beneath an acacia tree where we found a piece of cardboard with scribblings that are both mushy and obscene at the same time (that was kinda disturbing).

The atmosphere however was humid and hot so we went back to the office right away. Enjoy the picture of the pissing bull at the end of this post :p

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