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Is it hard to be with somebody else when the right one comes along?

Is it hard to be with somebody else when the right one comes along? Not really.

It has been quite some time since I have updated this blog. It is just that I am very preoccupied with some things that have been happening in my life lately.

I have a confession to make. No it's not a very big confession at that. It is just something very personal that I want to get out of my system.

I think I am in love. In fact, I fell in love twice in the last year.

There I said it. It wasn't too hard as I thought. Nothing disastrous happened when I said it. No lightning flashed, the ground did not swallow me whole. Well I suppose that is not the hardest part. That part is yet to come when I try to explain just what the hell I am talking about. It took so long to write about it here in my blog. I guess it's because of the feelings of guilt. Well I think it is time for everybody to know the whole truth.

Ah, where should I start?

I met the first one in an online catalogue. Ok I know what you might be thinking. You didn't think I would go for such things. Well as a matter of fact I do. What can I say, the time was right and I liked what I saw and she was the one who most impressed me from the bunch. A bit of things I wasn't too enthusiastic about here and there but nothing I couldn't easily adopt to or so I thought at the time. Some of my closest friends who know of my "tastes" were actually shocked by my decision. I know it may sound very discrminatory but I don't usually like her kind. They recall that in the past I ranged from cool indifference to outright contempt when dealing with them. I just thought I'd give her a try.

It was ok at first. I guess the newness of it all overwhelmed me. I would proudly show her off to my friends. She was with me everywhere I go. One of the things I really liked about her is that she is very musically inclined.

After a while though, the small faults that I dismissed for endearing quirks became more and more difficult to ignore. What faults you ask? Ah, where do I begin? Well it may sound so crude when I put into writing but here goes. Well for starters, she is "slow". I have no idea if she just lacks "memory capacity" up there or suffers from a below par "processor" so to speak (haha), but she would sometimes take forever to do the simplest tasks. As if she would "hang" for a moment to process what I want her to do (hehe reminds me of a colleague at work). An endearing idiosyncracy it is most definitely not. There are times that she would fail me on the times where I need her the most. So what's a guy to do?

I did the first thing that crossed my mind. I passed her on to a friend. "Well maybe you can try her out and if you like her maybe -- just maybe, you can get her out of my hands for the right price."

Ok now. Don't look so shocked. What I mean is that I'm even doing her a favor right? It just wasn't right between the two of us. Just hold out any judgements until I finish the story ok? Oh and I did not do it right away of course. That came in later when the other one came into the picture. Ok call me cruel but I also did not want to be the one left hanging if you know what I mean.

I met the other one in Singapore and it was love at first sight. She looked good, elegant, simple, slim, and should I add -- downright sexy. And she responded well to my, errr... "touch" (*blush*). Hahaha. I briefly considered the implication that she comes from Singapore and all. There might be some complications along the way. My hesitation however lasted no longer than 3 minutes and finally throwing caution to the winds I decided then and there (note that things did not just happen by chance. I was really actively seeking out prospective… err… “alternatives” at this point). I thought fate brought the two of us at that place and at that time and I deserve to have her. At the end of those 3 minutes it became “I need to have her”. There are so many things I can say about her and I think I can just go on forever if I list them down. Ok I'm exaggerating but I bet it will be a very long list at that. One thing I could say however is that she just feels right.

So anyway, I'm still together with my new baby and I even got a few toys for her so I can maximise my enjoyment. Right now I'm happily pounding away on one of those toys while watching her take in every thing that I do.

Last week we had a major problem. She was sick and for a moment there I thought I was going to lose her. I think that she caught a virus when some others were trying to “pair” with her. Thankfully everything turned out ok and she recovered fine. The only sad thing about it is that she has lost most of her memory and she is having some problems recognizing some of her toys. But that’s ok. Teaching her all those things all over again feels like a fresh start and it feels very much like falling in love again. :)

To my ex Nokia N60 Music Edition mobile – “Noky”, I hope you are happy with whomever you are with right now. We did have fun times together.

To my dearest HTC Touch – “Toky”, I’m glad everything is ok now after the hard reset I did last weekend. I hope I can restore one of the full backups and hopefully it would seem that nothing has happened at all. I hope I can keep you for a very long time. Although that SonyEricsson Experia X1 due out the end of the year looks very very hot to me right now :p


adrienne said...

Not if I get "Expie" first!

hahaha.. nice one (i'm tempted to say your name).. =)

cactus said...

hehehe.. very umm. sensual. :D

so... who is this colleague that "hangs"? hmm.

Kin Enriquez said...

omg, i really thought...

รถ said...

I will never pass this way again without my initial suspicions... got me there, it all sounded so "human"... I could very well imagine the "hanging" incident... Oops, sounds like I've been spending too much time with Mac as well... said...

I was going to say finally you are in love! I should have known better..

Anonymous said...

Oh, get the real thing already!

Anonymous said...

I really thought ... I was shocked... and didnt swallow for 30 seconds... Oh well...

Anonymous said...


I was going to say your bad pa naman,
kaya lang bigla mo rin ako nasupalpal. hahaha.
pahiya tuloy ako.

well anyway, just say hi to Noky and Toky for me ha.