Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Holloween

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It's that time of year once again. I went to the mall this morning and encountered a lot of small goblins, fairies and walking pumpkins each one with a basket full of goodies going from one store to the next excitement plain on their young faces.

We had our trick or treat activity in the residential compound last week and although I wasn't around to see the kids go from house to house I did help in preparing the loot bags and lent some props for our decoration of our house (for the scariest house competition what else). At first I was protesting to giving the kids chocolates and candies this year. Instead, I was proposing to give them healthy treats like high fiber bars or healthy vitamin enriched snacks. Well I couldn't find any of the items I wanted so I settled for gummy sea critters and jam filled marshmallows instead.

I hope everybody enjoys this weekend. I spent the afternoon at the cemetery lighting candles and laying down flowers with my parents for our loved ones who has passed away. Only a few families were there. i think the majority will be going to the cemetery on the 1st or 2nd of November. We did not want to go with the bulk of the crowd so we opted to visit a day earlier.

Halloween DecorHalloween Decor

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hairy tentacles of death

La Mesa Eco Park 15-09-2008
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It almost looks like a photo of an alien's tentacles ready to grab you and pull you inside it's stomach chamber where you will slowly be eaten up by the slimy digestive juices. It is actually a photo of a young fern leaf ready to unfurl. Looks freaky huh. Well that's just one of the many fascinating sights that can be seen inside the La Mesa Dam Ecopark. A friend and I decided to check it out one weekend. Armed with my 2 digital cameras (I let him use my PENTAX *ist DL2 while I used my trusty old CANON EOS 350D) we tried to capture as much images as we can. The place has a lot of cool looking plants. I was even ambushed by a group of students and they wanted me to participate in a school project by interviewing me on video about the environment. It was a moderately stressful activity since I was feeling a bit conscious about the video. I hope I didn't say anything stupid that their whole class would laugh about in class. I wonder if my nose hairs were sticking out. Did it show in the video that I was nervous? The students actually thought I was a professional photographer. I feel a bit flattered about that. Maybe they thought that I looked at ease holding a camera as opposed to my friend hehe. Or probably it was just because of my camera bag dangling on my shoulder and my DSLR hanging from my neck.

The place was nice. There was a lagoon for boat rides, a rock climbing activity wall (not an activity for me, I will wait for a time when I can actually carry my own weight), an area for paintball (ack! I don't like violent sports), a vermiculture area (got to love em worms eh? They are the future!), and several food kiosks (now that's more like it hehe). After going through all those areas, we noticed that there was a big sign that read "Entrance". What we thought as the "Park" was nothing more than the entryway and parking lot to the park itself! It was getting a bit late so it's something to explore for another time. :D

La Mesa Eco Park 15-09-2008

La Mesa Eco Park 15-09-2008

La Mesa Eco Park 15-09-2008

Things to look forward to: A flower terrace, an activity nature trail for those health nuts, a fishing lagoon, a saltwater swimming pool and lots more! Can't believe we missed the actual park. I looked at their website and the area is actually quite huge. More photo opportunities for me then :) I can't wait to go back.