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Portulano Resort

My picture won! Wohoo!!! Well, I did not actually win anything. The good folks at picked my photo as the picture of the day last October 22, 2008. I am so happy that I will ignore the fact that they misspelled my name.

I guess this makes the trip to Portulano resort worth it. A lot of things happened during that trip. The waves were high and the current was strong and one of my friends ended up being cut all over by sharp rocks and corals while snorkeling. By the time he climbed back to the boat blood started gushing out from his cuts on his wrists, legs, and chest. The trip back seemed to take so long and he was complaining that he could not feel his hands anymore and we noticed that it is clenched really tight. I was afraid he was going to just pass out and bleed to death. It is a good thing that he was ok afterward. He does not remember much of what happened after we arrived at the resort and I told him that he was screaming like a girl when they were treating his wounds with vinegar and disinfectant (actually my other friend did all the girly screaming on the sidelines while he was watching the resort staff apply first aid to the wounds).

I had a bit of accident myself that time. When we were trekking up a hill the day before we went snorkeling, I stubbed my toe on some sharp rocks and I was bleeding all over the trail and sandals. It looked worse than it actually was (the wound was just small but I just have a tendency to bleed a lot) and I patched it all up before the day was over. Amazingly one of our companions had a band-aid in his wallet.
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Portulano Resort

Portulano Resort

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adrienne said...

hahaha.. i know who screamed like a girl.. hahahaha