Thursday, February 05, 2009

HDR Experiments

HDR Experiments
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I have been experimenting with HDR (High Dynamic Resolution) images lately and I would just like to share my first attempts.

This is a photo of the place where I stay near work. It's the end of November and some of the haloween decors still hang from the front.

This was taken by my Pentax *ist DS2 ("Stew") DSLR which in my humble opinion is better suited for taking HDR sets than my Canon EOS 350D ("Yosi") DSLR. I'm not basing this on any benchmark I have done to substantiate this claim. I just find Stew's more color saturated pictures results in HDR images that are pleasing for me.

The HDR set is a set of 3 exposures taken in succession (with the use of a tripod) with different exposure settings. This is done via the autobracketting feature found in most DSLRs. The images are post processed using photoshop or other dedicated HDR software such as Photomatix to "balance out" the exposure of the image (so the bright parts are not too washed out and the dark parts are not too dark). I personally find Photomatix very convenient to use and I have used it for the images shown here. Stay tuned for more of my experiments on HDR photography. :D

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