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Help me I'm stuck!

Help me I'm stuck!
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Yes. I'm stuck. I'm stuck here in the area where I work for the rest of the month. I won't be coming home until sometime early March. I brought enough clothes to last me several weeks at least. I'm still adjusting to my new night duty schedule. I still have about 3 hours left and I already feel light headed and sleepy. Sleeping during the daytime just isn't the same. Earlier today, I wasn't able to sleep continuously. I woke up at around 1pm because my body was complaining that I should eat lunch. I guess it will take to reprogram my body clock that lunch is actually at midnight and I should be sleeping throughout most of the daytime.

I still haven't posted the majority of the pictures I took during the holidays. I also have beach photos that I want to post in Flickr from our company outing just last Month. I will try to post them soon. The problem with this new schedule is sometimes I feel that I'd rather sleep than do anything else after work hours. :D

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